As the owner and CEO of Concure Systems, LLC, Emil Pikula provides an array of products to prevent flooring failures from moisture and vapor emissions. An expert in the field, he has more than 20 years’ experience helping his clients, from architects, to engineers, to contractors, solve their flooring problems caused by moisture. The high-performance flooring products offered by Mr. Pikula’s company are all LEED certified, and are covered by an extensive warranty. Emil Pikula’s responsibilities with the company include research and development, sales, marketing, and area development.

Emil Pikula offers products that save contractors a great deal of time, money, effort, and heartache. Concure Systems also offers a cementitious binder that eliminates moisture, vapor migration through cracks, expansion joints, saw cuts, ect. Concure also offers a curing agent that requires no removal and a topically applied moisture prevention system, among others. Under Mr. Pikula’s leadership, Concure Systems also provides expert consultations to ensure the successful installation of flooring. Concure Systems have been used in hundreds of projects across the nation. Mr. Pikula’s products and services have been used in projects such as Coalinga State Hospital Secure Treatment Facility, Coalinga, California; Davita World Headquarters, Denver, Colorado; University of Colorado Boulder; Banner Medical Center, Mesa Arizona; and UMC Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada, among many others.

In addition to his work as CEO of Concure, Emil Pikula served as an Investing Partner for Over the Edge, a Phoenix Arizona-based granite fabricating co. The company expanded into the development of custom furniture and fabricated steel and granite countertops. Mr. Pikula helped expand the company, conducted research and development, and was involved in the successful sale of the firm.

When not working, Emil Pikula enjoys water sports, including water skiing and jet skiing, hiking, four wheeling, and target shooting. A former U.S. Marine and Vietnam veteran, he has contributed to the Vietnam Historical Museum in San Diego, and is an active member of the AFFR USMC Aircraft Firefighting Rescue Association.


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